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Point Lookout NY is the heart and soul of the South Shore of Long Island's coastal Heritage. Point Lookout is located at the east end of a barrier island and nestled between Reynolds Channel and the crystal blue Atlantic Ocean. The hamlet of Point Lookout, NY is a vibrant community with a history that dates back to 1721 when a whaling outpost was established at Jones Inlet with the sole purpose of tracking whales off the coast of Long Island.


Located on a barrier island, Point Lookout, NY has enchanted residents and visitors alike -- attracting personalities ranging from Oscar Wilde to Marlene Dietrich to folk singer Burl Ives. Point Lookout is known for its private beach, fishing boats, natural beauty, genteel charm and endless opportunities for recreation.


Point Lookout is dominated by people on their bicycles and families in golf carts, a feature that seems odd in a seaside town with no manicured golf green in sight. The carts can travel at a maximum of 15 miles per hour - Point Lookout's speed limit - making both bicycles & golf carts the preferred mode of transportation in town.

Resident drivers know to pause respectfully along the main street,tree-shaded Lido Boulevard, for a typical traffic tie-up: half a dozen children waiting with their bikes to cross.


The bay side of Point Lookout offers the charm of a small New England fishing village with a range of services that include; Doxsee's Seafood, Alice's (Captain Joe's Anchor Inn), The Clam Bar, Buoy Bar, Scotties Fishing Station, The Fisherman's Catch and Ted's Fishing Station.


Entering the town and strolling down the main street Lido Boulevard one passes by such community businesses as Adde K Hair Salon, Studio 5 Yoga, Hug Real Estate, Point Realty, The First National Bank of Long Island, The Point Lookout Library, Olive Oil's, The Framing Edge Art Store, Skipperdee's L'il Cupcake & Ice Cream Shop, Point Lookout Liquor Store, MacDonald Plumbing, Jojo Apples Cafe, Gelos Point Pharmacy and the Point Lookout Post Office.


Merola's Supermarket is the hub of the main thoroughfare of Lido Boulevard. Merola's opened it's market in May of 1930.

MacDonald Plumbing on Lido Boulevard, is one of the oldest continually operating business in the community which has been family owned and operated since 1929.


Point Lookout's private beach is the meeting place of the town. Surrounded by 2 jetties, covered with beautiful white sand and clean, crisp salt water and gorgeous waves.


Point Lookout, NY has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a summer vacation or a singular seafood dining experience, or a Little League game a unique experience awaits you -- all set against the backdrop of the most picturesque scenery to be found on the South Shore of Long Island. We look forward to seeing you soon and hope you enjoy your visit to Point

Lookout, NY: Long Island's Best Kept Secret.


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Point Lookout, NY -- Nassau's Answer to The Hamptons