Point Lookout NY is on the Cutting Edge of Renewable Energy

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Point Lookout, NY is home to Long Island’s first fully solar powered municipal building as well as Long Island’s first and only renewable energy park, which features solar, wind, hydrogen and geothermal energy. The energy park is home to a solar and wind-powered shellfish nursery, a self-reliant solar office acquired from NYIT, a 60k solar field, solar trackers (two solar panels that track the sun’s path), Long Island’s first hydrogen fueling station and wind turbine. In addition, the Town of Hempstead is completing a 20k solar panel system at the Conservation and Waterways facility in Point Lookout with a hydroponics garden in the filtered light of the bi-facial panels. Two solar carports are also being added to our first solar-electric car charging station in Point Lookout.  


Educating residents and young people is a vital component of the Town of Hempstead’s energy agenda.  Solar how-to seminars hosted by Hempstead Town show homeowners how they can incorporate solar energy into their daily lives. Schools and organizations alike are always welcomed to tour the energy park in Point Lookout and receive a hands-on program offering a view into potential energy.


Supervisor Murray addressed how Hempstead Town continues to expand its alliances and partnerships with local universities and colleges to further its green energy research.  Other cutting edge research includes new geothermal wells Hempstead Town is installing at town facilities for cooling and heating as well as the development of an overall energy strategy for the town.


“Events like this help to promote and advance technological alliances and move progressive energy initiatives forwards,” concluded Supervisor Murray. “I’m appreciative that Hempstead Town was a part of such a worthwhile event.”

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