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Point Lookout, NY 11569

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What is it?


The Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of citizens who are investing their time and money in a community development program working together to improve the economic, civic and cultural well being of the town.


Any citizen who is interested in helping develop the area (Which means more money, more business, more jobs, and better living for everyone) is eligible to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce. The yearly dues are designed to permit individuals and even the smallest businesses to be members.


The work of the Chamber is financed by the dues and website advertising of the members who support it on the basis of their size and interest in the progress of the area.


The Chamber of Commerce is composed of a Board of Directors/Officers, and Committee Workers, who serve voluntarily, without pay.

What it Does...


The Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce is a service institution and an action organization operating in the Point Lookout Community.


It provides a medium through which people can take effective action for the progress of the community.


It helps create job opportunities through stimulation of industrial and commercial growth.


It seeks the improvement of the community by supporting beautification efforts throughout town. It supports and facilitates community events and gatherings in the town.


It keeps a current calendar of events schedule and supports the Little League.In all of these functions, the Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce is serving as apartner of every business and every professional person in the area.

How it Functions...


The Chamber of Commerce functions through the working committees of the

organization. Money, planning, inspiration, and guidance depend on the members working vigorously on the committee of their choice.


Careful study is made of the Point Lookout community needs and an action plan is designed. The goal of the Action Plan is to improve the economic welfare of the community.


Every member has a voice in determining the policies and projects and every member is needed to work on active committees to get the job done.


• For the Stores & Retailers

• For the Service Establishment

• For the Construction, Real Estate

• For the Investment/Insurance Firm

• For the Restaurant/Food Operator

• For the Home and Property Owner

• For the Professional

About The Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce

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